All appealing requests will be treated as strictly confidential by the admin team in order to ensure that identities of FSE’s was protected

Where confidential information from the FSE’s, GREENMILE will:

    • Not disclose that confidential information to any other party except the responsible staff within  GREENMILE on a need-to-know basis,
    • Not use that confidential information in any way that may allow identification of the individual(s)  or  organization(s) that provided the information.
    • Use the confidential information to identify which aspects should be investigated.

A request for Appeal or Review should be submitted by FSE’s within the maximum of 5 calendar days after receipt of the NC report.

If no Appeal or Review request is received within this timeframe, the decision becomes final and may not be reviewed or appealed against.

An Appeal or Review request does not alter the effectiveness of the Certification or Evaluation decision, until the Appeal/Review is granted by the relevant team in its final decision (if it is).

An FSE can submit the request for appeal to GREENMILE via e-mail (mentioned below), which should have the brief summary explaining the main reason for disagreement.

E- mail:

Review committee (Director, Technical head & Quality Manager) constitute a valid quorum for review Committee meetings.

The Review Committee will make a decision within 5 calendar days after the receipt of the request by FSE.

A decision can have the following outcome:

Original decision overturned: The reason for appealing shall be evaluated with necessary additional supporting documents / evidences provided by the FSE and the committee is convinced with the same, then the outcome of the respective audit point can be changed accordingly.

Original decision confirmed: During the investigation, if the committee revealed that the reason for appealing is not valid, then the decision being appealed will not be changed and the original decision is confirmed. The Review Committee will communicate the appealing outcome to the FSE by reply mail and advise the audit team to proceed the certification workflow.

Appeals against the decision of the HRAA can be made only to FSSAI and the final decision on appeals will be made by FSSAI.

Investigation and decision on appeals shall not result in any discriminatory actions.