Inspired By Mission Link's

We are always amazed to see inefficiencies in the business processes, even when business is headed by highly talented professionals. Also we are surprised, when highly efficient teams produce poor results. There is always a ‘GAP’ between the expectations and the result

The ‘GAP’ made us to think deeper and deeper. Our research in the diverse industry practices revealed an interesting fact that there are some missing links in the management systems being implemented in the organizations. Every organization faces this crisis at least once in their growth path.

An excellent business opportunity was hidden in the ‘GAP’. We have developed a service which will facilitate the organizations to fill the gap. This is possible by an external agency than the organization alone, because external agency can bring lateral thinking to the issue, can easily approach any technical talents to fix up and can dedicatedly work on the missing links.

This would be interesting to know that a technical problem in FMCG industry may have a solution from Pharma industry practices. Any industry can learn lean manufacturing from Automobile industry as it has pioneered that. Shop floor management of a process industry can be simplified by using a simple module used in IT industry.A professional agency which understands the ‘GAP’ at different hierarchical levels and which can network with diverse industry experts can do wonders in bridging the links.

Here is Greenmile, inspired by the missing links. Greenmile enables excellence in the organizations with its unique business model. Greenmile differs from conventional consultants who sell their talents. Greenmile is the solution provider by utilizing the talents internally and externally.