Management Systems

Management Systems

Management system is an integral part of an organization which enables standardization in every business process. Standardization benefits the organization by increased repeatability, reduced cost, improved quality and safety. Certifications by an external agency make market access easier as they enhance brand recognition and give guarantee to the customer.

Greenmile with a team of experts in various management systems, has implemented management systems successfully for many organizations. Our ‘Team Approach’ has supported our clients to enable excellence thru their internal team and to sustain. Our process of implementation starts with GAP analysis followed by training, documentation support, handholding internal audits, mock audits by external auditors, support for facing the audit and supporting in closing non conformities. We ensure that our client understands the system and implement on its real spirit. We also support organizations to sustain the systems.

” Most management systems have to do with establishing trust and getting people to cooperate. They’re not really about expertise or science ” 

-Matthew Stewart.

Our Expertise

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