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There are a lot of skills that a company needs to have but may not have enough use for them to justify using a full time employee at the job. In this case it often makes sense to bring in external expertise. This is particularly true for small business which will often have limited numbers of employees. An external expert can help the organization to address special or timely requirements, while at the same time allowing the organization to focus on its core strength.

Greenmile supports the organizations by providing expertise for their niche needs, by taking care of support functions or non-core activities and by retainership services. Our associates with various domains expertise provide flawless professional services for the clients. Our strategic team always oversees the outsourcing services with high level of commitment and accountability.

“We know it’s hard to be a master of everything. In running a business, there are a lot of things outside of an entrepreneur’s area of passion or expertise.”

– Al Dixon

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